The Intelligent Way to do Collections

Debtcol Pro is a single fully integrated Debt Collection Software system that has been developed to connect and manage all areas of your business as an integrated unit.


DebtcolPro is built on a workflow and scheduling framework, thereby enabling your business to define and configure the process as it works for you. Statuses on debtors will only change as the debtor passes through the milestones you have set, such as generating PTP’s or collecting monies.

DebtcolPro is able to automatically raise fees on a tariff basis as and when allowed, thereby ensuring each and every chargeable action is timeously and correctly charged as prescribed and allowed for.


DebtcolPro has an integrated diary, email, sms and phone system. All calls can be generated from the system and are automatically recorded and linked to the debtors file history.

DebtcolPro can preschedule and distribute sms or emails automatically as and when trigger points are activated, ensuring that contact with the debtor is maintained without an agent having to remember what to do when.


DebtcolPro was designed to support the legal process. DebtcolPro has deep integration with Microsoft Word enabling you to automatically generate personalised documents for a debtor based on predesigned merge templates.


Collection business’s today require agility. DebtcolPro’s sophisticated self-service reporting platform puts the power in your hands when deciding which report is required at what time and on which platform. Receive reports via web browser or email at a set time or as required. These comprehensive reports give you a detailed overview of your firm’s financial well-being, allowing you to streamline and enrich your financial operations.

Legal Interact’s flagship Debt collection software delivers an enterprise solution with the purpose of driving operational efficiency, providing you with the tools and information required to make informed strategic decisions. DebtcolPro is designed to handle soft collections and hard collections.