FeeTrac in the Palm of Your Hands

Automatic and simplified Fee recording for professionals and service providers

In a study, 37% of respondents said it takes a law firm 2 weeks or more to generate a client invoice as a result of poor systems and bad billing habits. With FeeTrac, you will never miss a billing opportunity because the application accurately records travel, meetings, attendances and mobile calls and can significantly increase billable hours.

  • Automatically record meetings synced with your native calendar
  • Accurately record travel (mileage) to and from meetings
  • Easily record any general attendance or disbursement on the go
  • Easily assign unallocated attendances to accounts and matters
  • Create, edit and send Work in Progress reports in various formats
  • Keep track of your billing and see analytics of your daily performance
  • Automatically record and allocate emails to accounts and matters
  • Automatically record and allocate mobile calls to accounts and matters*
  • Automatically record and allocate sms messages to accounts and matters*
*Android Version Only

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