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Legal Matter Management (LMM)

Legal Matter Manager is a comprehensive legal automation platform specifically designed for inhouse legal counsel to keep track of legal requests from business, legal matters and referrals to external counsel using customised legal workflows, while at the same time ensuring that all parties are kept up to date as to what information is required from them and the status of the matters

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    Our areas of focus

    Centralise and standardise your matter information. Legal Matter Manager becomes a system of record for all types of sensitive information and enables you to have visibility about your overall matter while providing real-time data and dashboard updates for monitoring and tracking matters.


    Tailor matter templates to your specific needs, ensuring all legal documents are aligned to your business’ corporate identity, as well as compliance with your legal standards. Easily bring about any changes to the Microsoft-Word templates, and collaborate on them with others within the organisation and track those changes.

    Reporting & Business Intelligence

    Our platform gives you a reliable and accessible way to track and monitor the status of multiple matters from beginning to end. The intelligence lies in the fact that the reporting and dashboards update their information as the system is used and the matters worked on. It further enables deep insights into matter activities and your legal expenditures. If the default reporting and business intelligence does not provide you with the information you need, the system is flexible enough so that we can tailor-make reports .

    Document Repository

    Legal Matter Manager provides you with an electronic filing system to store, track and manage all your legal documents, while keeping them linked to specific matters. This ensures that information is centralised and available to your in-house legal team for review, as and when required. Not only are the documents centralised, they will be automatically categorised according to a categorisation which you know or choose, making the transition to LMM so much easier.

    Legal Project Management

    An integral tool of corporate business units for years, project management has become important to legal departments, because of expanding client expectations, and the evolving role of external counsel. LMM stage management will give you the insight you need to ensure your matters are managed effectively.

    Question Bot Functionality

    With LMM’s built-in question bot, providing easy, simple answers to everyday questions without being interrupted has never been easier. Easy to create knowledge base ensures that your internal procedures, legal steps or general FAQs get answered promptly and consistently. Track the questions that do not have answers and configure the answers effortlessly.

    Message Centre

    LMM consolidates the ability to send messages and emails straight from the system, thereby negating the need for additional applications and/or systems. Through the use of SendGrid, the status of both emails and SMS are tracked in real-time.

    External User Access

    External User access allows anyone you grant access to, limited and restricted access to the system. This will allow such user to simply upload documents to the system, provide a specific piece of information, whatever the requirement is, and for that to be saved to the system in real-time. You determine what the external user sees of the system and what they will be able to do with their access. This Access can also be revoked at any stage, thereby safeguarding your information on the system.

    Diary Integration

    As a result of Legal Interact’s partnership with Microsoft, there is full integration between LMM and the Microsoft suite of products. The diary integration will allow you to sync your Outlook diary with LMM and manage your diary from LMM. Create, track and manage appointments, meetings and boardroom bookings straight from the system and see it reflect in your Outlook account.

    Panel Management

    Set, configure and assign your external service providers to a matter. Configure the types of service providers used by your organisation and track their involvement on your matters. Through the use of the business intelligence dashboards and reports, keep up to date on the amount of service providers used, the frequency that they are used and the expenditure associated with those providers.

    Software specifically designed for your inhouse legal counsel

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