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SoftwareSmart IT investments support effective organizations

The success of your organization relies on an effective IT infrastructure that provides innovative, efficient, and cost-effective ways to address new business scenarios. Your IT investments are smartly planned, managed, and supported.

The Software Assurance Advantage

With the continuous change of computers in your business and with the upcoming release of Windows 10 we will once again be faced with a deluge of reinstallation and reconfiguration requests.

In reviewing our model around reinstallations and in an effort to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase productivity,

Introducing Legal Interact Software Assurance for only R35 per user per month!

The amount can be added to your current debit order.

With software assurance you get access to our technical team whether that be to review your current system backups, or software reinstallations at a fraction of the prevailing rate.

If you would like to take up software assurance please click here