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Practice Management Software

Perfecting your Practice

Legal Interact’s flagship practice management software delivers an enterprise solution with the purpose of driving operational efficiency, providing you with the tools and information required to make informed strategic decisions. Practice Manager Pro enables all daily legal and accounting operations to be undertaken efficiently. It is a single fully integrated Practice Management Software system that has been developed to connect and manage all areas of your business as an integrated unit. Improve your Law Firm’s operations by implementing Practice Manager Pro which is built with Best Practice principles at its core.

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Effective case management is vital to driving profitability in all activities. Tracking billable hours and expenses is critical in this process. Practice Manager Pro increases revenues by ensuring that recoverable costs do not fall through the cracks. All actions performed within the program are tracked and exposed for billing. Make use of our intuitive timers to track and record time and actions performed and never wonder about the actual time spent performing tasks. All work in progress and disbursements can be invoiced immediately or held over to a later date. Detailed reports can be drawn against targets to ensure profitability.


Practice Manager Pro uses MS Word for document assembly, thereby ensuring that all current templates are usable without having to create anything new. Every document generated within the software is attached to the relevant file record. Automatic versioning is applied and each version is saved within the database. Revision to a previous version is always possible by selecting it to become the latest version. Our sophisticated merge manager handles optioning, converting numbers to words and caters for gender, singular and plurals in documents. A simple search facility makes finding any document simple. The process of document assembly and document management is simple and efficient using Practice Manager Pro.


Our accounting software is configured from the ground up to provide financial information to support internal management criteria. Practice Manager Pro is an open item system, which caters for complex corporate structures. Practice Manager Pro splits costs across cost centres automatically based on pre-determined percentages, giving visibility in each area. Trust integrity is considered key and the system assists in ensuring integrity is maintained with the capture of each transaction. The comprehensive creditors functionality helps effectively manage cash outlays with minimal effort. Never miss out on a discount when settling a vendor’s invoice again.


Practice Manager Pro’s sophisticated reporting allows you to produce financial statements quickly, with an ability to export all reports to Excel and other platforms for further analysis. Report at file or transaction level to measure performance against metrics. Real-time reporting on profitability, billings and ageing enables effective and efficient management of cost and fee recovery. Get a detailed overview of your firm’s financial well-being and take the action required to enrich your financial operations.