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Winlaw Legal Accounting Software – YouWinLaw

Legal Interact’s flagship legal accounting software package is designed to meet all your legal accounting needs. Winlaw software has been used by legal practitioners for over 30 years to help manage all your financial requirements.

Our legal accounting software will help your law firm organise its finances for better insight into your financial position. Our software is easy-to-use as it does not have confusing jargon or complicated processes.

Accounting and Controls - Legal Accounting Software

Accounting Controls are vital to ensuring Trust integrity is maintained. Winlaw assists with daily transfers with strict controls over trust funds. It allows for the accounting and control of Trust investments in terms of Section 78 of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979. Winlaw is easy to use and has consistent labels which are easy to understand. Various maintenance options can be accessed from a single point. For example, if you are on the client form you can access fee earner, department, bank and group maintenance without having to exit the current option. Access to you accounting records is also available via Remote Connection or VPN.

Financial Intelligence

Winlaw allows you to capture trust and business transactions on a single ledger account per matter. Trust transfer journals are processed automatically across multiple accounts. Winlaw has a Trust Surplus Report which displays the Trust Integrity at any time, with the push of a button. The system caters for VAT on both the Payment and Invoice basis. Capture fees and disbursements directly or by use of the Work in Progress function. You never loose client’s data as historical years are maintained on the system for enquiry purposes. Transactions for the new month may be captured whilst the bookkeeper is completing month end.

Financial Reporting

Winlaw, as a legal accounting solution, provides for all your reporting and financial management needs. Manage amounts due to your firm with comprehensive Age Analysis reporting. Gain insight into overall financial performance with Variance Reporting against predetermined budgets. Account to your clients using either separate or combined Statements and Invoices. Winlaw supports all your Trust Account reporting requirements for audit purposes, including Trust Balances, Investments and Trust Surplus reporting.

Seamless Integration

Upload EFT payments to Standard Bank, Nedbank, ABSA, FNB and Mercantile Bank electronically after capturing them in Winlaw to avoid the duplication of work. Winlaw integrates with a variety of Cost Recovery Systems, where it can import disbursements into the system rather than having to capture them manually, saving time and effort.